Where the NRA and Anti-gun Liberals Can Agree

These “opposed” groups have a common ground in the process of keeping certain classes from obtaining and possesing firearms.  They already agree about those not of age.  The already agree about those who have been in jails or prisons for certain crimes.  They actually already agree pretty well over denying those who are not competent, by reason of mental problems, to have firearms.  NCIS records are already set to add these cases to the national database of  “do not sell to” individuals.  The national database prevents purchase by buying in a different state, where local records do not have access to homestate records.  Also they prevent homestate purchases when the exclusionary events are recorded in other states.


All well and good until you look at how its working on the ground, and how some states just don’t care.  Funny to me that a 2 minute e-mail upon conclusion of a court finding can be the weak “rationale” for saying “lack of funding makes reporting….”  Oh really?

some sources and background in these links:

The NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007


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